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Elected Officers

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President • Diana C


Vice President • Maria W


My name is Re, better known to my OCC family as Gnomeo.  It is a great feeling to be on the open road, whether you have a specific destination or not. I joined Organized Chaos because I believe in what they stand for. Organized Chaos hosts numerous charitable events and I have learned that volunteering not only helps others, but it helps me as well. Joining the group has made me a better person. The organization’s members have shown time and time again that they are a wonderful group of women. I am honored to be an officer for this awesome organization; an organization that is not only about the ride, but about helping others and the community.


Treasurer • Amanda C.


Our family is made up of riders or lovers of riding. I was one of the lovers of motorcycle riding as a passenger... It wasn't until I rode with my sister that the desire to learn to ride became a major passion. It was shortly before learning that my sister introduced me to this awesome group of ladies here. They helped and supported me in my goal to ride. If you don't know where to start but you have the desire to learn, meet new people, and hang out is some awesome places, join us! We'd LOVE to have you!


Road Captain • Katy C


For as long as I can remember, I have been on the back of a motorcycle. Being on a bike provides a sense of calm and connection with the world around me that I have not been able to find in any other activity. For a long time, I searched for a group where I would fit in, people who wanted to do more than just ride. . . . I needed connections and purpose. I found that with the women of OCC. 


Sergeant At Arms • Sue L

"Eagle Eye"


Secretary • Therese


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